Welcome to "Energy Forward"

The Energy Forward blog is a regular feature of the WVU College of Law’s Center for Energy and Sustainable Development. The blog will include links and commentary on news and events from a forward looking perspective on the energy industry. The “CleanTech” policies and practices for the energy industry of the future will include the development of clean coal technology, and efforts to capture and sequester CO2 emissions from fossil fuel-based generating resources; renewable energy sources (e.g., wind, solar, geothermal, biomass and hydro); distributed generation resources (e.g., high efficiency combined heat and power or co-generation); energy efficiency and conservation; and investments in the energy grid of the future (the “smart grid”) to facilitate the integration of renewable energy resources and wider deployment of demand response technologies. The energy industry of the future can be expected to be different than in the past, as energy producers focus more effort on developing energy resources in a more sustainable manner that minimizes adverse environmental impacts and preserves the natural resource base and environmental quality for future generations. This Energy Forward blog will focus on the news and events relating to the evolution of the energy industry in West Virginia and nationally.

Prof. James M. Van Nostrand
Director, WVU College of Law
Center for Energy and Sustainable Development