Opening Up Federal Lands for Energy Development

Wall Street Journal
September 30, 2011

The Lessons of the Shale Gas Revolution: North American Oil Production Can Double By 2035
Lucian Pugliaresi

In this Op-Ed piece from the September 30 Wall Street Journal, Lucian Pugliaresi, president of the Energy Policy Research Foundation and a former staff member of the National Security Council in the Reagan administration, points out that the shale gas revolution that is taking place in the Marcellus shale region (West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio and New York) is not happening in the Western states where vast portions of the land are owned by the federal government. According to Pugliaresi, in these states “access to reserves is burdened by endless federal environmental reviews, congressional oversight, permitting delays and bureaucrats who insist that oil and gas resources do not exist in areas of interest to oil and gas companies.”