Making Money by Cleaning Up Fracking Water

Wall Street Journal
September 12, 2011

In Fracking’s Wake: Some companies love that dirty water, because it means more money for cleaning it up
Yuliya Chernova

According to the Wall Street Journal, the growing volume of dirty water produced in shale-gas drilling has triggered a gold rush among water-treatment companies. Dozens of water-treatment companies have started up in the past few years, and many of the more established companies are adapting their techniques for use in the shale-gas industry. Moreover, as the volume of dirty water grows, the traditional methods of disposal are narrowing, as several states consider imposing limits on wastewater disposal underground or in streams. As a result, there is a strong driver for technology to clean up the wastewater from the fracking process so that it can be reused, triggering the creation of several different approaches to shale-gas wastewater treatment. As the economic benefits of developing the shale gas resources are considered, the “gold rush” in the wastewater treatment industry should not be overlooked. This industry is likely to become even more integral to the process as states increasingly tighten regulations regarding the disposal of fracking wastewater.