WV's Energy Future - solar panels and wind turbines


A plan to ramp up renewable energy to decrease costs, reduce risks, and strengthen economic opportunities in the Mountain State.

Ramping up Renewable Energy Beats Continued Dependence on Coal.

Appalachian Power, Wheeling Power, and Monongahela Power (“Mon Power,” which additionally provides the power supply for Potomac Edison’s West Virginia territory) currently rely on coal-fired power plants to generate 72 percent, 100 percent, and 99 percent, respectively, of the electricity they produce for their customers.

An evenhanded analysis shows that diversifying the electric utilities’ resource portfolios by ramping up renewable energy generation and energy efficiency is better for customers, for utilities, and for West Virginia’s economy. Specifically, ramping up renewable energy and energy efficiency:

  • Is cost competitive; 
  • Creates thousands of renewable energy and energy efficiency jobs and a chance for policymakers to ensure economic opportunities for coal workers and their communities into the future; 
  • Diversifies the state’s economy and puts us on competitive footing in the regional new energy economy;
  • Leaves the door open for innovation in the coal economy; • Reduces our exposure to financial risks posed by emissions liabilities and fuel cost variability; and 
  • Avoids $1.5 to $3.3 billion in regional healthcare costs that otherwise would be incurred.

Please read the complete Findings section in the full West Virginia’s Energy Future report.